July 19, 2012

Thankful in Threes: Week 3

This is the third week of finding thankfulness in my daily routine!  If you missed the previous weeks, you can catch up by clicking here.

One: Electricity 

On Monday evening I was at my parents' house in Madison only to be without power until nearly 11:00pm due to a blown transformer on the street.  Such is life...and I really can't complain considering thousands of people have been without power this summer (during heat waves) due to storms.  It certainly made me appreciate the convenience that electricity brings to our everyday lives.

I found myself squinting across the table while I ate dinner and pondering what life must have been like in Colonial Williamsburg...for real.

Two: Snow Cones

It's hard to come by a few items that we southerners consider necessity in DC: good sweet tea and snow cones.  One of my primary missions while visiting my home state was to obtain one of my favorite summer treats: a Tiger's Blood Snow Cone.

If you've never had Tiger's Blood, you are missing out.  It's the perfect combination of watermelon and coconut and leaves you with an amazing red tongue.

Three: Having a foot in two places: Mississippi and DC

I always fight back tears at the airport...on the runway...and in the air on the flight back to DC.  This week, as I gazed out the window at my favorite state sprawling below, it occurred to me that I have so much to be thankful for with a job that allows me to work for and serve my home state while affording me the once in a lifetime opportunity to live in our nation's capital city.

What are you thankful for this week?

And just as important...what's your favorite snow cone flavor?


  1. Tiger's blood is my favorite flavor, too! I'm taking you to Clayboy's for a treat soon!



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