July 17, 2012

Make Someone's Day

I've started playing a new game with myself.

It's called "Make Someone's Day."

The rules are simple: do one thing a day to make someone else's day brighter or easier. 

It can be as small as holding a door open for a mom with a stroller.  Snail mailing a note to a friend.  Giving a co-worker a sincere compliment.

I started trying to make this a conscious effort the more I realized how easy it is for me to be absorbed in my own thoughts or wrapped up in my own problems.  There is nothing more therapeutic than helping another person.

Try it.  The great part is...in making someone else's day, I often make my own!

Need some inspiration?  Check out this site: Makes Me Think.

Has a stranger done a random act of kindness for you lately?

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