November 09, 2012

Bits of Home

During my stay in Mississippi, I did more than just attend an election night event...

For one, I got to milk a cow at Mississippi State University!  As this point, I am feeling quite knowledgeable regarding farming between my trip to New York and this cow milking experience. 

It was a little intimidating at first, but the cows were that helped! 

 Bulldogs for Harper!
I particularly appreciated the Harper/Wicker signs together.

The weather was perfect for a football game on Saturday -- I loved being outside and soaking in the Mississippi air.  Yep, it is different (in a good way) there.

On Sunday, Jody and Greg came to Madison to see me!  We had a great visit. 

On Monday evening, mom and I made homemade pizza.
My mom has been making this crust since the 1980's--it is the pizza I grew up eating! 
I still remember what a treat it was on Friday night - I got to have pizza and one caffeine free coke (my solo soft drink for the week).  It was a BIG deal for this 7 year old!

Did you know my dad always puts fresh roses on my bedside table?
What a gentleman!

SWEET TEA.  I only drink this brew in the south.  Never disappoints!

I AM SEWING!  I feel like this should be its own blog post...except...that I would have nothing really major to show because I am only sewing on a button--the most basic element of sewing.  Anyway, it was a major milestone for me.  Now if I could only make pillows...

I took a walk with my parents one morning -- so much more relaxing than a city run!

I wasn't sad to leave because I will be back home in less than two weeks for Thanksgiving.

Mom and I have already made the menu...and I'm ready for chocolate pie!


  1. Those ferragamo's are seeing the world! :)

    1. HA! I know. Probably the first time a pair has been in a barn milking a cow, right?

  2. So many things to love about this post!
    Awesome shoes while milking cows? Yes!
    Homemade pizzas on Fridays? So fun!
    Family time? The best!!

    1. Oh - and roses on your bedside table from your dad? ADORABLE!!!!


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