October 11, 2012

Upstate New York: Noblehurst Farm and the Seneca Wine Trail

As much as I love living in the city, sometimes the National Mall is not enough "green space."  It was so refreshing to see the leaves changing and spend time in the outdoors.

Carolyn's family has a farm in Linwood, New York and we got a great tour--complete with tractor driving for Kern and Jordan and cow petting for me.

Carolyn and I ran up to the top of the corn silage pile and jumped...I'm not a very high jumper.

Kern hopped the wall to get closer to a group of friendly cows.

The boys had great fun driving!

We toured the dairy portion of the farm--fascinating!

The "Milk Parlor" viewed from above.
The cows have learned how to get on and off the rotating wheel--they love it because they keep moving a couple of miles an hour and are not "stuck" in one place!

The baby cows--just a few days old!  Adorable. 

After we had our agriculture lesson for the day, we cleaned up and began the drive to the Seneca Lake region to go wine tasting. 

New York grapes!

The view was breathtaking!  Even thought it was a little drizzly, the fall colors were bursting forth and the cooler temperature was nice.

The vineyards and tasting rooms are plentiful--it felt like there were more than Napa!

Carolyn's parents met up with us and we had a great time.  Our sommelier at the Weimer Vineyard was actually originally from Mississippi--such a small world. 

We ended the trail in Watkins Glen so that we could see Mr. Noble race in the morning!


  1. Thank you for documenting our trip! It was so wonderful to show my southern friends around yankee territory ;)

    1. I felt honored to be there! I had the best time (clearly). Next stop: showing YOU around NOLA.


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