January 11, 2013

My word of the Year: LISTEN

I've enjoyed seeing some folks trend towards selecting a "theme word" for their year versus stacking up a long list of resolutions.  I've been pondering a word that could encompass a personal goal but also be simple enough to remember often.


I am often eager to share my opinions and contribute my own stories, but that sometimes means that I forget to ask another person about their thoughts.  I can become so focused on trying to think of what to say next that I miss hearing an important discussion going on right in front of me.

I want to listen more to my friends and family.

"Be still and know that I am God." 
Psalm 46:10, ESV

I want to listen more to God's word.

I recently came across this verse and I cannot stop thinking about it:

"The Lord will fight for you, and you only have to be silent."
Exodus 14:14, ESV

This verse is a reminder that I do not have to use words to get my way or make my opinions known all the time.  God knows what I need and He will work His plans for my life accordingly.  I can relax.  I can listen. I can learn.

I'm linking up today at The Lettered Cottage to share my word for 2013.
The Lettered Cottage

I look forward to the growth and change that I trust God will bring about me in 2013.  I'm curious to read your thoughts...what are some characteristics of a good listener?


  1. Ps 46:10 was the Bible app's verse of the day and I thought of you. Praying for your 2013 with full assurance that God will be doing great works in and through your life, Em.
    Love you!!

    1. Ah, such a good one! Why is it so hard to be still sometimes? Thanks for the reminder, Ash!


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