January 09, 2013

The Big Easy

New Orleans has accidentally become a tradition...

The last fews times Kern and I have had extended stays in Mississippi, we have made a point to travel to New Orleans at least for a day.  The Saturday before we returned to Washington proved to be an ideal time to make the short trip down south to the Big Easy.

First stop: Cafe DuMonde.

The last few times we've been, we've skipped this tourist destination because of the line, but we waited it out and were rewarded for our efforts! 

I love New Orleans because all you have to do is walk down a random street and you see something like this...

Don't ask me how he got on or will get off.

We had a great time with Greg and Jody!

After Cafe Du Monde, we spent the majority of the day walking up and down Magazine Street--an area that I love.  We stopped for a coffee and treat at Sucre.  It was ah-mazing!

It's nice to visit a place where you don't feel stressed or rushed to see a certain site or eat at a particular restaurant.  I love wandering and happening upon places.

What is your favorite city to wander through?

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