June 13, 2013

Southern Ladies Brunch

It all started with GRITS.

Several months ago, my friend Nina, a New Yorker, visited Mississippi and experienced cheese grits for the first time.  She was blown away and while discussing her travels with me, it was decided that I would share my grandmother's Cheese Grits recipe with her.

Out of that conversation blossomed an even better idea...why not cook an entire southern brunch?

Mary Mitchell, Carolyn, Betsy, Nina

Katie Korb was visiting from Atlanta! Laura and Lisa

Archer and Constance

To ensure a wide variety of southern fare, we invited everyone to bring her favorite dish.  The results were mouthwatering!

Emily came from Memphis, Shannon, Jessica, Jessica and Holly

Carolyn and me

I told you there was a lot of food! Nina provided and arranged all of the beautiful flowers.

Holly and me

Mary Mitchell, me, Betsy, Nina

Y'all come back, now...


  1. so cute and yummy! I could go for some cheese grits right about now... maybe it's time for a food + recipe post to share the love with all of us! :)


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