June 11, 2013

Wedding Shower for Mary Ellis and Sean

So many of our friends had the privilege of sharing in Mary Ellis and Sean's engagement earlier this year, so it was only fitting to throw them a fun wedding shower this summer before their wedding. 

Jessica, Heather, Charles, Laine, Natalie, Kayla, Holly, Libba and me

We had fun games and plenty of food. 

Lots of competition to go around...

We feasted on delicious southern treats from bar-b-que sandwiches to deviled eggs to homemade pie. Oh, and some fruit and veggies too--they do taste delicious in the hot summer months!

In fact, I had such a good time, I neglected to take a photo of myself with Mary Ellis or Sean. *oops*
I have no doubt someone has a photo or two of us, but my camera is not one of the lucky ones.

It was a perfect day and I am happy to report we are finally getting some warm weather in DC.  I thought the winter would never end.

Congratulations to Mary Ellis and Sean!  We look forward to celebrating with you both many more times!

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