June 12, 2013

French Cane Back Chair Redo

Oh my dear little cane backed side chair!

If you reach back into your memory, you might remember that I purchased this little beauty at Community Forklift last October...for $10.

When I pealed off the ugly, stained fabric from the original seat cushion, I found that it was smelly and disintegrating.  I ordered a fresh, clean hypo-allergenic (real fancy, y'all) cushion to replace it and promptly threw the old one away.

I caved and painted another piece of furniture Paris Grey and used dark wax to give it an aged, textured look.  I chose a neutral material to reupholster it and commissioned my mom to pick out a nice gimp to complete the look.

I am very pleased at the final result--the cane backing already had so much natural interest that it was easy to make it into a knockout.


  1. As with all of your furniture redos. . .beautiful! I love the tone on tone!

  2. One of my favs yet! Love the fabric and gimp. I always think of reupholstering as expensive and difficult, but I guess when it's just a lil seat it's do-able! Thanks for sharing!


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