December 14, 2011

Simple Christmas Craft

I was wandering through Anthropologie (seeking inspiration) when lo and behold I saw an adorable idea:
mason jar snow globes!

I flipped the jar over and couldn't believe the price: $28.  Really?

I'm here to show you how you can make your own personalized for a just a few dollars.  They are the perfect gift and make a fun cottage chic addition to decor.

The jars I saw on display only had boring trees inside them.  I found these cute little snowmen, glitter snowflakes, and different sized trees for my scape.

I hot glued the lids shut.

I cut foam out and hot glued several pieces together to make a little "stage" for my scape so it would be even with the beginning of the glass.

I arranged my snowmen and trees on the stage and hot glued them.  I pulled apart several cotton balls and fluffed them around the edges to give the scene a soft look.

I dumped a mixture of salt and glitter in the jar.

Leaving the glass part on the table, I screwed the top into it--the hot glue held everything perfectly in place.

The fun part: dump it over and watch the glitter float down!

I made two of these for myself and one for Kern.  This craft only takes a few minutes and the possibilities are endless.  You could pick anything you want to put in them!

I'm looking forward to making more in years to come and having a bunch one day--I think they look cute bunched up together or spread out throughout a room.

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