December 01, 2011

Welcome, December!

It's officially here: my birthday month, the month of Christmas, the last month of 2011.

As I look forward to the coming celebrations, I also reflect on the past year--the joys, blessings, trials and learning experiences.  

As we enter the season of advent of "coming" it is with great expectation that we remember the birth of our Saviour.  It's easy to get caught up in the material aspect of Christmas, but the more I ponder the season, the more I am humbled at the thought of Jesus coming to earth as a baby and living to die...for me and for you.  

Consider an excerpt from Jesus Calling's December 1st entry:

"I love you with an everlasting Love, which flows out from the depths of eternity.  Before you were born, I knew you.  Ponder the awesome mystery of a Love that encompasses you from before birth to the grave."

To put a fun spin on the Christmas countdown, Kern and I have advent calendars this year.  Not just any ol' calendars...but the kind with chocolate behind each day!

Just what I need...more candy! we go.  Full speed ahead into a month packed with family, friends, good food, traveling, laughter, tradition, gifts and giving...but most importantly a block of time devoted to remembering the love of God that led to the greatest sacrifice

1 comment:

  1. Yay! Michael and I each have calendars with chocolate too, and his is the exact one above in the photos! :)

    xoxoxo merry early Christmas!


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