December 12, 2011


Remember this post about my mom's door baskets that I raved about?

I finally made a trip to Mostly Martha's in Ridgeland and got my own!

Mom and I had a blast picking out items to arrange in my holiday basket.  She is so good at eyeing pieces and helping me pull it all together.

Another reason I chose to purchase this hanging basket was because it is a perfect item to re-use.  I can easily change the arrangement relatively inexpensively, versus re-buying a new wreath each season to decorate.  This is really a necessity for me because I don't have a lot of extra storage space (or spare funds) to completely be able to start from scratch every few months.

Plus: I LOVE the basket.  Have I mentioned that yet?

After I got all the "pieces" mom and I headed to Gran Fran's to make a mess in her kitchen arranging.

Remember when I mentioned ANGEL VINE in my Simple Table post?

Angel vine looks like tangled up twigs, but it is actually an amazing floral filler that is much better to use that that foamy green blob...if that makes any sense to those of you who have worked with flower arranging.  Anyway--I stuffed that down in the base and stuck all the other pieces in until I found a way I liked them.

So come on down the basement's how we do it in the city:

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