December 02, 2011

Simple Christmas Table

I wanted to tweak my fall table decor and use materials that I had on hand with a few unique twists.

I used the same napkins, tied them up with jute and a burgundy ribbon.  Then I stuck a piece of angel vine (more on the miracle of angel vine in a later post), a piece of real pine garland a cute tag--labeled for each roommate--and voila!

I kept classic, clean, white plates on natural chargers and spiced up the decor with my Spode drinking glasses.

Since my table is small, I used a green plant bouquet and tied the same jute and burgundy ribbon around the stick base to tie it in with the napkins.

I'm still undecided on what I'm going to do with the top of my table.  Stain?  Paint?  A fun faux finish?

Well, I know it won't happen over the next few weeks.  There's already too much going on!

That said, come over and enjoy a meal at my cozy, simple and easy holiday table!

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