November 26, 2011

A Colonial Thanksgiving: Part 1

This year, we decided to shake up one of the most traditional holidays - Thanksgiving!

Instead of going to Mississippi, my parents drove north to meet Kern, me, my brother Josh and his fiancé Lee in Colonial Williamsburg!

This was my first time to visit, and it was the perfect ending to my trips to Philadelphia and Boston earlier in the year.  Anyone care to challenge me to Colonial trivia?

Williamsburg is like an old-timey Disney World- you walk in the "gates" and into a world that acts like it's a different time.  I loved it!

The trip was originally my dad's idea--he has been wanting us to visit Williamsburg as a family for several years now.

Yep, just a regular horse and buggy driving through the streets.

Dad and me in front of the Williamsburg Capitol building.

Dad made a colonial friend.

Lee and I posed with a woman outside of the apothecary.

Doesn't he look dashing in a three corner hat?

The whole gang

Ready for Thanksgiving lunch at King's Arm Tavern

Dad enjoying his meal

We toured the Governor's Palace in the afternoon--it was decorated for Christmas!

The entryway is full of swords and guns--it was meant to intimidate and awe.

We wandered through the gardens as the sun began to set.

The first day was filled with eating, walking and taking it the gorgeous weather.  We learned how old medicines were made, wigs were sewn and listened to George Washington lecture.

What could make you more thankful than that?

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