October 22, 2012

Adventures at Community Forklift

Thanks to a tip from a friend who works in the construction business (shout out to Laura) I found out about this little gem that is a mere 15 minute drive from my house: Community Forklift.

Community Forklift is a huge warehouse that collects donations from construction companies and individuals who are demolishing old properties as a way to salvage building materials instead of dumping them in landfills.  They sell the items at an extreme discount, making them easily available to DIY'ers and small businesses.

After perusing the website and seeing the potential goodies, I was intrigued.  I was even brave enough to ask that Kern drive me there on a football Saturday.  I know.  I begged.  Once I told him there was a tool section, he agreed.

 It was like Christmas.  I saw all kinds of fabulous pieces and unique trinkets.

 I absolutely loved a gorgeous drop leaf table I saw, but alas, I had no where to store it, so I left it.  Same goes for a neat old desk that would have looked fabulous in chalk paint.  


I did find a chair!  I love chairs.  I love chairs with cane.  I also love tufting.

I spied this little beauty on top of a high platform (if you look at the photo on the top right you can see a line of chairs above some reclaimed mantles).  I had to ask for assistance to get it down, but once she was in my arms I knew I would take her.  I asked the price...

Originally $20, 50% off.  Yep. $10.

She's sturdy and the cane backing is in perfect condition.  I plan to hunt for fabric to reupholster the cushion when I'm in Mississippi in November (it's just more fun to shop with my mom) and then I'll decide what color I'm going to paint her.

She will be the perfect side chair addition in any room.  Or maybe I will sell her.

The fun is in the journey...or shall I say...the painting!

*I apologize for the grainy iPhone pics--I brought my Big Camera but I was so excited upon arriving, I left it in the car!*


  1. This post made me so excited / jealous! I wish I could have been there, rummaging with you & then DIYing with you! Ahhh for the day when we will have a place to put all these treasures in the making. :)

    Can't wait to see the transformation of the chair! Great choice though!

    1. Ah, Ash! Yes...one day! It was certainly fun--it's the kind of place I feel like I need to go once a month because there's always something new!

  2. Do you have any updates or finished photos of the chair? We love seeing the beautiful projects our Community Forklift fans do! We also love to highlight customer creations in our newsletter!


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