December 05, 2012

Celebrate...from coffee to Cava

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better with a fabulous early celebration with family, my DC friends family made me feel like the most important and loved person in the world on my birthday.

The work day started with an office party -- a special coffee tasting with lots of different gourmet options.  I had a mochaccino, cappuccino...and a regular coffee. 

I really love this photo...with Ty in it.  We took another one, but this was my favorite!

The machine was not messing around!  There were also 5 different kinds of mini cupcakes, chocolate chips cookies, and a double chocolate cake for me to take home!

With renewed energy due to an extreme caffeine high, I had a very productive work day.  That evening, several friends met at Cava Mezze for a special birthday dinner.

But the surprises weren't over yet...just as we finished out meal, two huge platters of cupcakes from Sweet Lobby appeared, compliments of Laine, Lee, Holly and Charles--I couldn't believe it!

I chose the one in the middle with the macaroon on top--heavenly!

We often talk about how our group of DC friends are family since most of us live so far away from where we grew up.  Last night was certainly a time where I felt so incredibly thankful for the people who are always there for me--even when it's not a fun moment like a birthday party.

Holly, Constance, Mary Ellis, me, Archer, Carolyn, Laine
Lee, John, Sean, Henry, Jordan, Charles, Kern

My girls!  They are the best.

Bombshelter: past and present

Sweet Carolyn

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