December 11, 2012

The Willard Hotel and the Round Robin Bar

DC is a lovely place to be during the Christmas season.  So many historical landmarks "dress up" for the month of December and I enjoy visiting year after year.

The Willard Hotel downtown is one of my favorite spots.  

Last year, Archer, Henry, Lee, John, Kern and I spent an evening at the Round Robin bar then walked around the outside decorations at the White House.  We decided to make this outing into a tradition and do it again this year.

The tree in the Willard is always breathtaking and bright.

Sweet girls: Archer, me, Lee

We got into the goodies inside my Cookie Box from the swap earlier that day...

Peanut butter buckeye, anyone?

So...funny story...they turn the Christmas tree lights off at the White House at 10:00pm.
We walked up to the tree at 10:03pm...just in time to miss the fun, but hey, there's always next year, right?

Since the Christmas wonderland was a no-go, we headed back across the street to the W Hotel bar for a little more merrymaking...techno lights and all!

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