December 13, 2012

Spread a Little Cheer

I've realllly tried to force myself not to buy any new Christmas decorations.  Not only do I need to save my money, but I have no where to store these new-shiny-lovely Christmas things.

So...I just worked with a few things I already had.  Since I'm not actually spending Christmas day at my house in DC, I'll get my fill of Christmas cheer, trees, lights and decorations in Mississippi.

I used my copper tray and filled it with greenery, fruit, copper painted Magnolia leaves, some festive balls and a little birdie.  Kind of wild looking, but hey--I'm digging the natural vibe.

This is my favorite nativity scene from childhood.  Gran Fran gave it to me and I got to keep it in my room when I was a little girl.  I loved the baby Jesus.  I remember picking him up and holding him.  I'm missing a wise man--but they don't make the set anymore.  I scour eBay every year looking--maybe one day!

Mason jar snow globes from last year, boxwoods with a red bow and a fun squirrel.

A cheerful city doorway

Do you have a traditional Christmas decoration (like my mini manger scene) that you put out each year?

1 comment:

  1. Have to say - I adore your decorations and your nativity set! So sweet!


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