March 20, 2014

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint French Linen Side Tables

A very important qualification of a bedside table (in my humble opinion) is a drawer.  I need a place to stash my glasses, Bible, lip balm and hand lotion.  I knew that Kern and I would be short on storage space in our new apartment and so a bedside table with a drawer became a requirement.  

And what's better than one drawer?  How about three?

At first glance, this pine table wasn't flashy or exciting.  It came with wooden knobs, natural pine imperfections and screws that were visible from the side.

But: it had three drawers (think book storage! computer and iPad storage!), was solid pine and a steal of a price.

Prior to this purchase, I mistakenly thought that I was through painting for the time being.  Smile.

The side tables ended up being a perfect fit in our bedroom: ample storage and a masculine balance to the several feminine touches that were already in the room.

I used my favorite Annie Sloan color, French Linen, and waxed with mostly clear wax and a touch of dark wax to add a little depth and character.

New drawer pulls were ordered, elevating the look from a simple all-wood piece.  I also used wood filler to conceal the visible screw lines (see second photo from top) which gave the sides a perfectly smooth finish.

If I were truly brave, I would show you the inside of the drawers.  Just trust me, there is no wasted space...

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