March 18, 2014

Ikea Hack: Gold Coffee Table

When it was time to start thinking about a coffee table for the apartment, a few thoughts came to mind that helped me decide what I wanted.  One, I knew that we would be fitting a lot of furniture into a small space (couch, TV console, chair) and I wanted to steer away from another heavy wooden peice.  Two, I knew we were not going to have room for a book case and I have so many lovely books that I have collected over the years that I couldn't bear the idea of packing them away.  Three, I was tired of obsessing over using coasters on a wooden coffee table to ensure that no rings would be made.

After perusing Pinterest and combing through a fair share of decor magazines I knew the look I wanted: glass top with a brass finish and a bottom shelf to display books.  Perfect--problem solved.

Except that every table I found that met that criteria was at least $500.

Cue Ikea.  I don't have many items from there, but I love visiting and walking around.  I saw this pair of nesting tables: a coffee table and a side table (which we also needed!) and immediately arranged for Kern to drive me to Silver Spring, Maryland pronto to pick them up.

The only catch: it was an icky gunmetal finish.
Luckily I'm not one who shies away from a piece that needs a little paint.

We started with a good coat of white primer.

I smushed all the screws into a piece of cardboard so they could be easily spray painted.

And...this is where the photos stop.

Spray paint is fairly simple to use, provided that the wind doesn't decide to blow relentlessly wherever and whenever you attempt to paint.

Kern and I tried various locations (his patio, friends' backyards, a random alley behind his house) and could not find a spot where we weren't constantly thwarted by the wind.

At this point, we were nearly in single digits until the move, so Kern took over the project and diligently did one or two pieces (both tables were unassembled) a night for about a week.  Then he put both tables together.  The result?

I love that my precious books are easily accessible.

No need for coasters!  This glass top wipes off easily.

This table is proof that a little imagination and elbow grease can help you achieve the look you want for a price within your budget!

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