March 24, 2014

Seasons: in Weather and in Life

The calendar says that it is spring and I'm finally beginning to believe it.  As the season turns and new life is starting to show, I cannot help but also reflect on the ways that my life has changed since the last time snow was melting on the ground.

My personality likes to have a definite plan.  A to-do list.  Goals to tackle.  Projects to complete. Yet I find a new season beginning to break through--at least in my mind.  Busy lists begging to be replaced with simple living.  Cooking with real ingredients instead of jars and boxes.  Long, lingering conversations in small groups instead of handshakes with a crowd.

My thoughts are still "budding" as to what this will look like--played out in the context of daily life versus musings in the mind and on paper.   But it's there...the still small voice nudging me to look deeper instead of wider.

Happy spring, friends.  May you also reach deeper to find fulfillment.

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