March 27, 2014

Beyond the Bend

I recently indulged in a little television watching.  I'm a perpetual multi-tasker so I rarely just "watch TV"--I'm usually flipping through a magazine or checking Instagram at the same time.  This particular evening, I was wrapped in a cozy blanket and sat nibbling dark chocolate as I watched the main character exclaim with a sense of urgency, "I just want every day to be exciting and scary and a roller coaster of creative experience." I immediately ceased all other action and listened carefully to the rest of her rant as she explained what she believed "life" owed her.

I could not help but smile.  It was the equivalent of watching a toddler beg for more ice cream "because it tastes so good."

But I also smiled because I recognize and admit that I tend to view life through the same lens, even if I don't verbalize my wishes.  I want to wake up and be hit with the perfect wave of creativity...the next big idea...a new and unique project. 

I am starting to believe that the harder I try to be more creative or more unique, the more I will obsess about my lack of creativity and uniqueness.  There will be days where ideas and inspiration flow like a rushing river and days when my mind is completely blank.  And that is ok.  It really is.  

Rather than expecting every day to be an exciting amusement park full of creative roller coasters, I am learning to accept that my days will likely resemble an open, flat road--with room to coast at my own pace and a view on each side where I can glean inspiration when I see it.  

The great part can never tell exactly what is beyond the bend.


  1. Oh gosh, Emily. This and your "Seasons" post- I just love what you're writing lately! It's so funny because in some ways, we're in relatively different "seasons" of life, but both posts resonated a lot with me.

    1. Aw, thank you SD! I think that's part of the beauty...similar truths can often meet us where we matter what our earthly circumstances happen to look like at the time. I think you and yours have many exciting and fun "bends" ahead! ;)


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