November 28, 2011

More food?

As if we hadn't been eating enough the past few days in Williamsburg, we decided to make a Thanksgiving meal from scratch on Saturday.

We stopped at Wegman's in Virginia on the drive home and picked up the perfect ingredients.

We injected the turkey on Friday night with a garlic butter/hot sauce marinade.

Then it was off to the fridge for 12+ hours.

On Saturday morning, Kern cut up lemons, oranges and onions, put a poultry dry rub all over the skin and then placed bacon strips on the bird...then off to the oven!

In the meantime...we did a sweet potato casserole with walnuts and brown sugar....

...and butter to bind it together!

sugar sparkly heaven

The bird emerged 4 hours later cooked perfectly--tender, moist and flavorful--with a hint of hot sauce and garlic

Cut. Slice. Slice. Slice. Nibble.

Green bean casserole with friend onion topping

The spread: sweet potato casserole, green beans, dressing, gravy and turkey!

Homemade dressing (made from homemade cornbread) - melt in your mouth!

I finally got my turkey leg!

Last but not least...homemade PECAN PIE

I am so thankful for all my blessings--not the least of which being a boyfriend who is an excellent cook!

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