November 02, 2011

Thankfulness Abounds: My Roommates

Holly, Lee and me
I still live in the first place I moved into when I came to DC in 2008.  As I stare at the calendar in disbelief that 2012 is upon us, it is even harder to fathom that I am entering into my fourth year in the capital city. 

The "Bombshelter" as the basement is affectionately called, has been through 2 other rounds of changes--all wonderful girls that I have been blessed to know.  The current gals moved in this past summer and we have had a blast together.  I am so thankful for their energy, enthusiasm, love for the Lord and genuine caring spirits.

They are extremely patient with me as I am constantly painting furniture or doing some sort of craft project that overtakes the living room.  They taste my vegan cookies and tell me they taste good like them!  Since we all work on the Hill, (House side to be exact) we have similar schedules which is very convenient for hanging out, cooking together, and planning events like the Pumpkin Watching Party!

These two are always up for a late night talk.  They are both learning how to be excellent "ebayers."  Lee entertains us with her twirling routines (seriously, she is on youtube and she's amazing...minute 1:24). 

We all got connected through seemingly random friends of friends.  Lee was looking to move to the Hill.  Lee and Holly both work for Texas Members and played on the same softball team.  And just like that...the timing worked out and everyone moved in.  The first time I met Lee, she came to my office and I drove her (ahh, when I still had a car!) back to my house to take a look at the open room.  We immediately connected and I could tell after 10 minutes that we would be friends.  When Holly came to the house for the first time, she noticed that I had Jesus Calling on my bed and commented that she loved that book too--instant match!

God works in so many ways to orchestrate friendships.  I am thankful to have friends like these in my post college days.  I am thankful for the ways they encourage me and the time we spend together.

Note: Lee is in the hospital this week!  Please pray for her!

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