November 15, 2011

Thankfulness Abounds: the night

Have you ever found yourself complaining and then thought, "I should be thankful and find the positive in this very thing I am complaining about"?

About 4:45pm, I looked out the window in my office and noticed the sun was beginning to set.  I immediately grumbled and thought about how much I hate leaving work when it is pitch black dark outside.

When I finally headed out of the office a little after 6:00pm, it definitely felt much later.  Perhaps that's what I dislike about the early darkness: the feeling that the entire day is over very quickly.  I soon realized that the new early darkness was the perfect opportunity to find thanks.

My view on the walk home

As the seasons change, it offers the chance to alter my schedule.  When it is cold and dark, I tend to spend more time indoors.  When it is light and warm, I thrive in the outdoors.  Each season has its food to enjoy, different kinds of clothes and distinct holidays and traditions.

As much as I love the "go-go-go" of summer, I do enjoy my slower winter pace.  It's easy and comfortable to stay indoors with friends, try new recipes, and catch up on the stack of unread books on my nightstand.  Fall and winter are often my "planning" season where I set goals and think about the upcoming year--especially during the month of January.

Maybe one of my resolutions can be to not complain about the short days and cold weather, but to instead find new ways to interact with friends and learn a new hobby that I can enjoy in the warmth of my home.

Do you prefer winter? or summer?  What is your favorite part about the "dark" months of the year?

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