November 21, 2011

Thankfulness Abounds: my Mom

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom's birthday was this past weekend, and I wasn't able to be with her to celebrate, but I plan on carrying on the birthday party this week when we are together.

Mom's friends threw her a party--and of course she had a crown!
Photo courtesy of Linda Richards
It's really an understatement to say why I am thankful for my mom.  Growing up, we always got along, but during my college years we began to really transition into friendship.  Even though we live a thousand miles apart now, our friendship has grown through daily phone calls, "face time" chatting and multiple daily emails.

Have a cooking question?  Call Mom.  See some cute clothing online?  Email Mom.  Rearrange furniture in my apartment?  Face time with Mom and show her.

Whenever I spend time at home, I am constantly amazed at her creativity and resourcefulness.  She always puts others ahead of herself.   She takes time out of her busy day to really go the extra mile if someone needs her.

Mom gives me advice, helps me sort through decisions...and always listens.

I am thankful to have someone who knows me so well and loves me unconditionally to also be someone I can count on daily and rely on throughout the years.

Thanks, Mom!

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