November 27, 2011

A Colonial Thanksgiving: Part 2

The weather was even nicer on our second day--I didn't need a jacket!

They didn't have Vita Mixes back then?

What a lovely garden!

Kern found a canoe

The entrance to the "Magazine" -- the place that stored all of their weapons.
Kegs of powder - BOOM

Admiring all of the guns in the Magazine

The shoemaker was one of my favorite crafts to observe.  He was making a pair of shoes for one of the workers in Williamsburg!

Some people say we are alike...

After another delicious lunch

It's not every day you get to see oxen sauntering down the street.

Mom, Dad and me in front of Bruton Parish Church.

Josh and Lee 
We had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving while soaking in the history of Williamsburg.  I definitely missed my family in Mississippi though!  Just a few short weeks until Christmas.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend and spent time with loved ones.

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