April 14, 2014

Cherry Blossom Madness

There's a difference in seeing Washington, DC's famous Cherry Blossom trees and enjoying Washington, DC's Cherry Blossom trees.

In a moment of city pessimism, I might even argue that visiting the beloved blossoms is anything but relaxing and should be done only with the intention of fighting through mobs of tourists, crying children and people obsessively snapping photos.

It looks a little like this photo below:

But, despite the crowds, Kern and I rode our bikes down to the Tidal Basin to behold the wonder and beauty that these trees bring to our city each spring.  It's finally warming up here and to be honest, I'm amazed that any tree or flower is blooming after the long and brutal winter that we endured.

It's so wonderful to see signs of life bursting through branches that have been bare for so long.

Welcome, spring!

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