April 11, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Paint

I'm linking up with Lisa Jo and the rest of the five-minute writers today over here.  Join us, if you like!

Today's writing prompt is...paint.

 In my mind, the job description of painter used to be synonymous with Monet or Rembrandt--a person who creates scenes or portrays people from a blank canvas.

I've never been good at drawing per se and I still cannot sketch out a realistic looking human or animal.

When I first mustered up the courage to try my hand at transforming furniture, I merely expected to paint a piece or two for my apartment and then move on with my life.  I had no idea the creative force it would unleash within me.

Painting furniture is more than just haphazard brushstrokes slapped on an old dresser to change its appearance.  The process is what I love: finding a piece, imagining its potential and then bringing that idea to fruition.  The magic can happen with an idea, a little time and a few basic materials.  Painting relaxes me because it's tactile and so different from my everyday stance of sitting in front of a computer.  Painting requires me to be flexible, not only by moving around in plenty of strange poses (those nooks and crannies can be hard!) but also because I am often required to alter my original plan if the wood shows through the paint or the paint does not go on smoothly.  Painting is messy.  Even when I'm careful, I still get it on my hands, in my hair and on my clothes.

Painting furniture has shown me that even if I lack the talent to sketch a drawing that I still have the ability to create a beautiful work of art.  Creating comes in endless forms--it is not limited to drawing or painting.  I truly believe that every human has the gift of creating.  My love of creating reminds me that I am made in the image of The Creator, and He has made everything beautiful in its time.


  1. I so connected with this Emily! You described the experienced perfectly, I get you sister! When I'm down, painting something is often the process that helps me work through and out whatever I'm trying to work through. It's so much more than paint!
    Thank you for this!

    1. Thank you, Dena! Yes, I equate painting time with thinking time too. :)

  2. What a beautiful post. I could not agree more about painting being relaxing. I am never more at peace than I am when creating with paint, clay, or drawing. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks, Casey! Even though creating is sometimes a physical experience, I'm glad others understand it can be relaxing too. I always feel inwardly energized afterwards, even if I'm a physically tired!


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