April 09, 2014

#PIinspired Challenge!

It was such a treat to be featured in the weekly Perfectly Imperfect newsletter recently and I was pleasantly surprised to receive a package from Troy, Alabama in the mail.

Not only does Shaunna have a blog, but she also has a brick and mortar store that sells everything from gorgeous furniture to pillows to specially made candles...and of course, Chalk Paint!

I opened the box and my senses were immediately greeted by the relaxing scent of dried lavender.

In my interview questions with PI Ladies, they asked me which colors I would like to try.  I've always loved Antibes Green--it's just such a fun and bright color and looks fantastic aged with dark wax.  Aubusson blue is darker than the blues that I normally gravitate to, but I love the idea of bringing a bolder shade into my color wheel.

Guess which colors I now have the option to play with?  The box contained two test jars: one Antibes Green and one Aubusson Blue.

So my challenge is...what should I paint now?


  1. This is so cool Em! I'm so proud of you and mega impressed with all that you've done and how you've been received into the chalk paint community! :) how fun!! I can't wait to see what you do!

    1. Thank you, Ashley! That means a lot. It all started with the dry bar! ;)


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