April 10, 2014

The Next Project: Kitchen Bar Stools

I love the open floor plan of our apartment.  I enjoy being able to cook in the kitchen while watching the sun set or talk with friends lounging on the couch.

We have a large kitchen island that provides a lot of room while prepping and cooking dinner.  At the end of the island there is a little open space that just seemed perfect for one big bar stool or two smaller ones.

I've been itching for a new project, so I found basic stools that were sturdy and strong.

When not in use, the stools can be easily stored under the counter so they don't take up floor space.

So now the question is: what color?!

Should I go bold?  Should I stay with my favorite blue/gray palette?  Should I paint a design?
Distress? Clear or Dark wax?

There are so many options.  This is the fun part.

What's your favorite Chalk Paint color?  What would you do?


  1. I vote go bold! For moments you don't want bold, you can tuck the stools underneath the island. Also whatever bold color you pick, you could put a pop of that color in the living room with a vase or something.

    Your place looks familiar-- do you live in the apts above the H Street Giant?

    1. Great point, Katy! I'm leaning towards at least a bold top...and maybe neutral legs?! Still thinking... :)


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