April 17, 2014

The trip of a Lifetime


Today Kern and I depart for a week-long honeymoon in Paris, France.

Since our wedding was so close to the holidays, we decided to delay our trip to a month that promised wonderful weather, bright blooms and a longer days of sunshine.

April in Paris.  I halfway believe I'm going to find Hemingway and Fitzgerald lounging in a sidewalk cafe.

This trip is the culmination of several areas of life for me: finally visiting a city that I have read about for years, celebrating my marriage to my best friend and seeking inspiration from architecture, food and the French culture.

I expect (and hope) to come back changed.  That's my favorite part of travel: the eye opening realizations of "Oh!  So this is how they do life."

Kern and I will be instagramming and tweeting our way through the city. 
Follow along, s’il vous plaît:



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