April 10, 2012

ASCP Bookshelf Continued

Painting is only half the fun--the other half is arranging items on the book shelf!

For the record, I have changed the book shelf around at least 10 times--I'm guilty of sitting on the couch at night (while I'm supposed to be watching TV or chatting) and all of a sudden jumping up, running into my room and emerging with a tschotske and adding it to a certain spot that I felt certain was begging for more attention!

So...onto talking a little more about the ever evolving book shelf.

When we got new floors, Holly and I spend a significant amount of time discussing new ways to infuse light into our English basement since we do not have a lot of natural light.  I found this great little gold light fixture that was meant to hang over a painting, but I decided it would be perfect for the shelf and add some light into a dark corner in the apartment. 

Since it was meant to attach to the wall, Kern rigged it up and attached the fixture to some wood and then nailed the wood to my shelf.  

I decided to use my metal planter on top of my shelf to add a pop of green so Kern added some wood for it to sit on top of so that it would not be hidden by the lip of the wood trim.

I am thankful for a carpenter who only lives 5 blocks away!

We kept a few books out and I decided to loosely arrange them based on color.

Hello McCarty bunny!

I still want to get some containers (or maybe make?) for the plants on the bottom shelf.

It's more fun to always be on the hunt for new items than "finish!"

Do you like to rearrange items in your home or do you prefer to keep them the same once you find an arrangement that works?

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