April 20, 2012

Dinner and a Show

Whoever said "the best things in life are free" was right.  I couldn't have paid for better entertainment last night while I ate pizza on my patio.

Ladies and Gentleman, may I please introduce our 
Feature Twirler for Texas Tech's Goin Band from Raiderland...

Lee Bobbitt!

Yep, that's my roommate in all her glory.  Seriously...have you ever just watched anyone twirl closely?  It is incredible.  I will never understand how she is able to juggle all of those insanely difficult twists, flips and throws--all with a smile on her face.

Can you see all the little neighborhood girls in the background who were mesmerized by her?  They were cheering and clapping the whole time!

Lee is an incredible person--her strength, versatility and resilience set such a good example for those around her.  She is a great listener and truly cares about others--as evidenced in her volunteer time with college girls, the care she takes with constituents at work and the ways that she is a good roommate to Holly and me.

Really, I'm not the least surprised she can twirl/juggle three batons at the same time.  She's that good.

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