April 12, 2012

Pretty Organization: Produce Baskets

The roommates and I have been doing some spring cleaning around the bombshelter lately and part of that has included cleaning out our kitchen cabinets and refrigerator.  We all consume a lot of fruit and veggies every week and we seem to have a perpetual problem with produce overflowing into our tiny space.

One of the ideas we decided to implement was using bins (in the fridge) and cute wicker baskets (on top of the fridge) to divide everything.  We usually all come back from the store, unload our food and then promptly forget which apple belongs to which roommate (or at least I forget).

Instead of just having plain baskets, I wanted to turn it into a quick craft project.  Are you surprised?

Here is what I did to make tags for the Produce baskets:

I used pre-made gift tags and cut brown kraft paper squares out.
I then used my handy-dandy corner rounder to give the edges a contrasting look.

I wrote our names on the kraft paper and glued it onto the tag.

Then tied it onto the basket with jute and a pink sating ribbon.

Now I can find my food!

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