April 19, 2012

Tandem Bike: Painting

So many people have been asking...so it's time for an update on the Tandem Bike!

After we stripped all the yellow paint and buffed the metal frame, it was time to prime and paint.  Alas, this was not a job for my beloved chalk paint...but it was fun to work with spray paint for once!

Kern primed the whole frame to prepare it and help the paint adhere. 
Then it was time to paint!  We used a glossy black.
It took 3 coats.
After the black paint, Kern put a final clear coat on to help seal and protect the color.
The frame is finally painted!
The next steps are: new tires, chain, and pedals.  We must now assemble the bike and begin putting it back together.

I think we will be ready for take off just in time for summer!

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