April 18, 2012

Kind words are short and easy to speak

Photo: flower on Capitol grounds

“Kind words are short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”
Mother Teresa 

A wise person once told me, "It's easier to be nice than to be not nice."

Simple concept, right?   If you really want my honest take on it...I'll admit...I can be short fused easily.  I feel a little awkward even admitting that.  I know I'm supposed to love unconditionally.  To be patient.  To be understanding.  Part of me wants to blame it on my job.  Or my surroundings.  Or my feelings.  But I think it's deeper than just "being nice."  I get impatient and speak unkindly because at that moment, I am putting myself before the person I'm interacting with.

So how can I constantly remind myself to put others first?  The old adage "practice makes perfect" certainly comes to mind.  I can make it a point to be kind even when I don't feel like being kind.  I can make my devotional time a priority so that I start the day with the right mind set.  I can get a tattoo with that quote on my hand...ok, maybe not the tattoo part.  But sometimes I feel like I need to be reminded that often!

To wrap it up, go out of your way to be nice to someone today...maybe it will end up making your day better!

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