April 04, 2012

Spring Door Update

As the weather warms and I'm finally able to leave the house sans puffer coat, I am reminded of how much I love spring--the colors, smells, blooms--they remind me of renewal and signal a fresh beginning.

It also makes me ready to: craft!

Remember my door basket?  This past weekend I decided it was time for a change.

I took everything out of the basket and then gathered all of my new flowers and greenery: hydrangeas, boxwoods, angelvine and a few wild flowers.

I decided to go simple with the ribbon--green grosgrain and pink satin.  Spring-y and girl-y.

My favorite part is playing around with arranging the flowers.  I am such a novice--it may look bad--but I like it!

Just the pop of color that my little door needed!

Have you added any seasonal decorations to your home lately?

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