April 11, 2012

A Weekend at the Shore

Kern and I decided to head down to the cottage on the Eastern Shore over Easter weekend to unplug and get away.  It was so nice to be in the "country" and far away from reliable cell phone service and wi-fi.

We arrived on Friday and Kern immediately began fishing.  We stopped at a general store about 4 miles from the cottage and picked up a fresh tub of night crawlers for bait.

The weather was great--it was cool but the sky was perfectly clear and the sun was warm. 

My dad requested some sunset photos!  It's so nice to watch the sun set from the porch. 

There was a full moon on Friday night so we rigged up my Aunt Bonnie's telescope and look at the craters on the moon--amazing!

We had a real life "Words with Friends" match...also known as scrabble!!

On Saturday morning, Kern was up with the birds and in project mode.  He brought the single speed bike he is refurbishing and rigged up a line so he could spray paint it.

Ladder + cinder blocks + boat anchors + tree + rope = ingenious method for no-touch painting

After that project it was time for...bacon!  We cooked a big breakfast and drank lots of coffee--my favorite way to start the day.

We ran, rode the cruiser bikes that we have down there, read, watched the Masters and just sat still.  It was a perfect weekend.

Our family has owned this lot since my dad was a boy!

We cooked delicious dinners both nights - steak on Friday and BBQ chicken on Saturday.

The Easter bunny found us on Sunday!  He is great with directions.

Easter morning dawned another perfect day.  We spent half a day around the house and came back to DC for church that evening.

I thought a lot about my grandmother, Granny, throughout the weekend and the legacy that my family has (and still is) giving to me.  It was nice to be in a place where I had extra time to ponder and relax.

I am thankful for a place where I have so many memories as a child.  It's neat to come back as an adult--everything seems so familiar, but different at the same time.  Does that make sense?

Do you have a place that was special to you as a child that you still revisit as an adult?

Hopefully we will get back soon!


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