August 22, 2012

A Walk with Dad

One of my favorite activities to do when I'm in Mississippi is to go on an early morning walk with my dad.  I suppose our "walking" habit started when I was a baby and he would pull Josh and me in a wagon around our neighborhood.  We loved it!  

Now that I can actually walk on my own (ha), Dad and I have continued the tradition through the years.  This trip home was no exception and we enjoyed a nice long walk together--despite the humidity!

The neighborhood is so peaceful in the morning.

We talk about all kinds of different subjects on our walks--politics, religion, life direction, past times of our family--no subject is off limits.

I treasure these special times and I'm thankful that Dad and I have developed a tradition that we can look forward to when we are together.

Do you have special traditions or rituals with your family members?

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