August 21, 2012

Meeting my Nephews and Niece! And Happy Birthday, Jordan!

During the time I was home, several special events converged. Sara Tyson and Liz agreed to drive down from Memphis with Sam and Hunt and we decided to have a fun girls' lunch with all the kiddos on Jordan's birthday.  Since there would be three little ones under the age of 2, we catered lunch from Bon Ami and enjoyed a relaxing day at the Yerger's!

It was such a treat for me to be able to see Ellie again and meet Hunt and Sam for the first time.  I loved being able to finally hold them after seeing so many photos.  As you will be able to tell when you scroll down, I could not put my camera down - there were too many precious moments to capture.

I am so excited to see these adorable children grow up!


He was so busy!  Very interested in all of Ellie's toys!


The whole gang (sans Constance!)
Me, Jordan, Ellie, Mary Jane, Liz, Hunt, Sara Tyson, Sam

I had to make an "Ellie collage" because I had so many cute photos of her.  I took my shoes off and she promptly put them on and walked all over the house.  She is a natural in heels.  Poor Adams!

The boys were wrestling!

Ellie was great about sharing!

So glad this gal is back in Mississippi!

Ellie lovvvves babies.  She kept walking around saying, "Baby Hunt! Baby Sam!"

Hunt and Aunt MJ


  1. Great to see y'all! Don't look a day older.
    Just back from another summer at Iwerne...
    not the same without y'all from Mississippi.
    Love The Boltons xxxx

    1. Awww Kirsty! I always think of Iwerne in the summers. That was such a wonderful experience for us. I miss you and love seeing photos of your beautiful family! Give my best to Paul!


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