August 31, 2012

Napa Valley

Saturday morning was gray and rainy in the city, but we were up early and off to the country...
wine country, that is...

Welcome to Napa Valley...

Our first tasting was at Cakebread Winery.

The Beautiful Bride to be!

Silver Oak Winery
Constance, Jordan, Elizabeth, Virginia, Jeannie, Archer and me

"Purple mountain majesty, above the fruited plain..."
What can I say? California's beauty makes me feel patriotic!

Archer, me, Betsy

Sometimes even important calls must be made at the vineyard.

We stopped at Oakville Grocery and picked up the lunch.

We have all been friends since freshman year of college at Ole Miss (I've known some girls for longer!)
Constance, Virginia, Archer, Jeannie and I all lived on the same floor of the Martin dorm.  Jordan lived one floor below and Sharp basically lived there for all intents and purposes (ask her about her freshman roommate sometime).
It was so special to be back with these girls and have 3 days together!


  1. 1. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL in these photos! 2. I think we should have a bombshelter napa reunion when we are old.

    1. We will definitely have a reunion there one day...I can't imagine a more appropriate location, really. :)

    2. Love this!!! Can it be a greater-bombshelter reunion?? Like, anyone who has ever lived there with Emily is invited? :)

    3. That idea makes me happy! All my favorite people in one place. Consider it done.

  2. You ought to try the Sonoma side next time. It is smaller, although the Gloria Ferrer Winery is there. GF is noted for her sparkling wines.

    In late April or early May; the lilacs should be out. I am planning to go up there this year to take some photos. In March the mustard blooms and the entire valley is yellow - there a lot of special activities during the of March.

    The end of June offers something a little different; the NASCAR driver come into town for a weekend and it is a blast. The track, rather than the standard oval, is a road course with left AND right turns, hills, dips, even a "hairpin" turn.

    Or the Gold Country is wonderful, antique places and for the adventurist old barns that are open, fairs, etc. My great-grandfather landed there from Italy and my great-grandmother's mother & father were born in America (as was she). You can still "pan for gold" and some nice smaller wineries out that way too.

    Have a great Thanksgiving! =^ ^=


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