August 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Julia Child!

One of my favorite parts of living in DC is the vast array of museums and opportunities that are available on any given day.  There is always a celebration, an opening, a reunion, a commemoration or a party.

Thanks to my monthly newsletter that I receive from the Museum of American History, I was alerted to the fact that Julia Child's 100th birthday commemoration was approaching and that the museum was hosting a full day of activities--from book signings to a cake cutting--to celebrate.

Due to work, I missed the cake.  Such a bummer.

However, I did scurry down the Mall to the Museum as quickly as I could that day to view the renovation and addition to her kitchen.  I also settled into the Warner theatre for a few minutes and watched Julia make the perfect fruit tart crust from one of her old cooking show segments.

I love her violet Kitchen Aid Mixer!

Now that's a serious mezzeluna!

A first edition of her famous cook book - almost looks like mine!

This little trip to my local museum motivated me to break out my cookbooks and read through them.  Here's hoping I can follow through and make some treats!

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