August 02, 2012

Thankful in Threes

This is the fifth week of finding thankfulness in my daily routine!  If you missed the previous weeks, you can catch up by clicking here.

One: Summer rainstorms

I love the powerful sound of thunder outside...and when I can see the dark clouds and smell the fresh scent of rain...well...I like to imagine I'm napping on a daybed on my screened in porch.  However, a good look out of the office window will do for now.  Even if the view is just the other side of my office building...

Two: My iPod was repaired for FREE!

I dropped my iPod again.  And this time...the headphone jack opening was smushed in to the point that I was unable to connect my earbuds.  Epic Fail.

However, Mike at the Georgetown Apple Store (Shout out: thanks MIKE!) was able to use wire pliers to bend the smushed part back...and now my earbuds fit again.  After several music-less days this was a welcomed miracle.

Three: CRUMBS Cupcakes

Everyone has watched Georgetown Cupcakes on TLC.  Cupcake conisseurs from coast to coast ooh and ahh over Sprinkles Cupcakes.  DCers know that Baked and Wired have amazing concoctions, BUT...

can you tell from this photo how huge these Crumbs Cupcakes are?!  We had to (had) to cut them into fourths to consume them...and so everyone could try the flavors.

Big thank you and shout out to Holly for this treat!

Did you splurge this week and enjoy a treat?  If so, what was it?


  1. It was 109 degrees in Dallas, so I splurged on a Pina Colada Slurpee!

    1. You deserved that, my dear! Here's to cooler weather in Cali in just a few weeks!


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