August 23, 2012

Livingston Farmers Market

A few years ago, some Mississippians got together to revive the old tiny town of Livingston, MS by bringing a farmer's market, live music, food trucks, craft booths and family activities together on Thursday evenings.  The Market is located off of Highway 463, a bit past Madison.  Mom and I usually go when I am home during the summer and this year we planned our trip well in advance.

We arrived on the scene and placed our order for a fresh, brick oven baked pizza.

While we waited for the pizza to cook, we relaxed and took in the sights and scenes: fresh vegetable stands, children running and playing with one another, adorable dogs sniffing around -- all while the sun set and crickets chirped.

We enjoyed live music while we perused the booths that sold everything from kettle corn to homemade jam to soap to furniture!

We bought the most delicious tomatoes I've ever eaten--grown with no pesticides!

Our delicious mushroom and pepper pizza!

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